Our Vision & Strategy

Our Vision:

To bring individualized cancer and other therapies to market.

Our Strategy:

Build and leverage all building blocks of immunotherapy under one roof: Our technology platforms and clinical pipeline are based on 20 years of research and development.

Build a fully integrated biotech company spanning research through clinical development and manufacturing to sales and marketing.

Enter licensing, co-commercialization and co-development agreements and advance a unique go-to-market strategy.

BioNTech’s -product-to-market offering of truly individualized cancer treatments will come through its mRNA technology platform.

Lead product: IVAC® (Individualized Vaccine Against Cancer) targets cancer mutations or “neoantigens” and could therefore be universally applicable across cancer types.

As a research-driven biotechnology company, we set out to achieve both scientific and commercial success. In our efforts to achieve this, full legal compliance and a strong sense of ethical responsibility underpin everything we do. Operating with integrity is non-negotiable for BioNTech. This understanding is anchored in our Code of Conduct.