mRNA Pharmaceuticals

mRNA Technology for Next Generation Treatment

BioNTech is building 3 therapy platforms using mRNA technologies for pharmacologically optimized protein coding RNA for targeted in vivo delivery

  • Cancer immunotherapies
  • Infectious disease vaccines
  • Protein replacement

Cancer Immunotherapies

Transforming cancer into a chronic disease and cure for patients

Every tumor has an exclusive pattern of tumor antigens which are based on acquired mutations. Even within the same cancer indication, only a small percentage of mutations is shared, most of them are absolutely unique for each and every patient. At BioNTech, we use next generation sequencing (NGS) and proprietary analytical algorithms to define these tumor-specific antigen signatures. Using these signatures or “mutanomes” we generate treatments optimally tailored to each individual tumor. We have developed a mRNA-based cancer-immunotherapy platform using the tumor-specific information to tailor each patient’s personalized immunotherapy.

The goal is to activate the immune system of each patient to recognize, target and fight their individual cancer. We have several different versions of IVAC® that become progressively more personalized.


Our Vision is…
… to use WAREHOUSE and IVAC® vaccines to make multiple cancers treatable and improve the survival of patients suffering from the most aggressive tumors.
… to make the WAREHOUSE and IVAC® plattforms a standard tool for personalized RNA-based cancer therapy.

Prophylactic Vaccines

Potent prophylactic and vaccines to stop epidemic threats

Past and recent epidemic viral outbreaks have taught us that emerging viruses can quickly cause a global calamity. Conventional vaccines are usually based on inactivated or engineered viruses, often requiring seasonal and accurate selection of specific viral strains. They cannot be produced fast enough to stop a rapidly spreading pandemic. As globalization also reaches remote locations, new vaccine approaches are urgently needed to respond quickly to emerging diseases that may become epidemic threats. To meet this challenge,  we are developing an innovative self-amplifying RNA-based Ribological RNA Amplicon vaccine Platform against Infectious Diseases (A.I.R®; Amplified Immune Response) that will allow provision of up to millions of doses of prophylactic vaccines for a given viral threat within the shortest time possible.

Our Vision is…
.. to use A.I.R® for the development of Infectious Disease Vaccines.
… to make A.I.R® a standard tool for rapid response vaccine strategies against viral threats.

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BioNTech is part of the EAVI2020 consortium for the development of an effective HIV vaccine. BioNTech will provide novel, highly immunogenic, prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine candidates based on our A.I.R technology platform. For more information visit the EAVI2020 Website.

Protein Replacement

World class science in protein replacement

BioNTech’s mRNA Protein Replacement Program is led by Prof. Katalin Karikó, a world-renowned expert in the field of mRNA biochemistry. The Program is mainly focused on rare genetic diseases and uses BioNTech’s non-immunogenic mRNA platform and proprietary technologies for delivery of mRNA encoding therapeutic proteins or antibodies into the human body.

Other opportunities for the program include novel solutions for expression of therapeutic antibodies using intra-muscular mRNA delivery and expression of immunomodulatory proteins.