BioNTech and SMP to evaluate SMP’s next generation technology for BioNTech products

Auburn, AlabamaAug. 1, 2018 – BioNTech AG (“BioNTech”) and SiO2 Medical Products, Inc. (“SMP”) today are announcing a common testing of SMP’s high performance primary packaging container to preserve BioNTech´s mRNA vials for cancer-immunotherapy drugs. Following the completion of successful process evaluations involving leading fill-/finish-machine manufacturers, SMP and BioNTech want to explore and develop superior packaging as well as application devices manufactured by SMP for a range of BioNTech products. It is expected that after a first successful adoption for mRNA use, the technology may be strategically extended to multiple other BioNTech products.

SiO2 Medical Products, Inc., a privately-owned company, develops and manufactures precision-molded containers composed of engineered polymers, such as cyclic olefin polymer (COP), and incorporates a thin, transparent, silicon-based coating system composed of organosiloxane and silica nano-layers, which can also incorporate distinct surface properties. This new and patented coating system provides the durability and dimensional consistency of plastics with the oxygen barrier properties, ultra-low extractables, and pH stability of silica glass (i.e., quartz). Bringing together the best qualities of both plastics and glass containers, without their respective drawbacks, presents an innovative approach to primary packaging and allows an individual configuration and fully customized device solutions reflecting the specific needs of the packaged drug product.

“We look forward to working with an innovative organization like BioNTech, known for their excellence in biological scientific innovations,” said Robert S. Abrams, Founder, CEO and Chairman of SMP. “We believe this collaboration will build an opportunity to jointly improve existing quality and safety standards of the industry through an intelligent platform strategy using our barrier and surface technologies.”

“Our common objective is to establish superior primary packaging for a range of mRNA compounds and potentially other innovative products of BioNTech. The high quality packaging is based on drug container surfaces, which are tailored to the requirements of our novel drug products,” said Dr. Sierk Poetting, CFO and COO of BioNTech. “We’re excited about our interaction with SMP and the opportunity to explore new and superior packaging solutions for our unique biologics.”