BioNTech SE was founded as BioNTech AG in 2008 by the clinical scientists Prof. Dr. Ugur Sahin and Prof. Dr. Christoph Huber as a spin-off of the prestigious Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany. Based on the understanding that every cancer patient’s tumor is unique and therefore each patient’s treatment must be individualized, the Company is built on years of pioneering work by Ugur Sahin, CEO, and Özlem Türeci, CMO. Their accomplishments include ground-breaking innovations in identifying ideal cancer targets, award-winning immunotherapy technologies, and a broad patent portfolio.

A consortium of investors led by the Strüngmann Family office and MIG Fonds (Munich) supported one of the largest initial financing rounds in the European biotech sector. Following the seed round fundraising in 2008, the Company completed a USD 270 million series A financing round in 2018.

BioNTech SE is structured as a holding company which provides a strategic umbrella for its subsidiaries.

  • Founding BioNTech AG

    Founded by Prof. Ugur Sahin and Prof. Christoph Huber as a spin-off of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany

  • Acquisition of EUFETS GmbH

    EUFETS becomes a wholly owned subsidiary, providing BioNTech with synergistic platforms and complementary expertise for development, testing and manufacturing services

  • Founding of affiliates

    BioNTech affiliates Ribological GmbH, UniCell GmbH, TheraCode GmbH and Tulip GmbH are founded.

  • Acquisition of JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH

    JPT becomes a wholly owned subsidiary, providing BioNTech with complementary expertise of high synergistic potential

  • Acquisition of Microbody® Technology

    Know-how and IP required for the establishment of a discovery platform which enables BioNTech for the generation of target-specific ligands based on the knottin protein scaffold.

  • GMP manufacturing authorization RNA

    BioNTech obtains GMP manufacturing authorization for RNA production.

  • Investment in AptaIT GmbH

    Investment in AptaIT GmbH

  • CI3 wins Leading-Edge Cluster Competition Award

    BioNTech as member of the CI3 Cluster for Individualized ImmunoIntervention wins the Leading-Edge Cluster Competition Award sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

  • Entry into clinical study MERIT (Melanoma RNA Immunotherapy)

    Entry into clinical study MERIT (Melanoma RNA Immunotherapy)

  • Grant awarded by the European Commission – GAPVAC

    BioNTech receives a grant by the European Commission as a member of the Glioma Actively Personalized Vaccine consortium  – The project is one of the first clinical projects in the direction of fully active personalized medicine.

  • Sean Marett joins BioNTech group

    Sean Marett joins the management team of BioNTech AG as COO.

  • Grant awarded by the European Commission – MERIT

    BioNTech receives a grant by the European Commission as a member of the Mutanome Engineered RNA Immuno-Therapy  consortium – The project applies and validates an entirely new RNA-based immunotherapy approach for the personalized treatment for cancer.

  • Grant awarded by the European Commission – IACT

    BioNTech receives a grant by the European Commission as a partner of the Immunostimulatory Agonist antibodies for Cancer  Therapy consortium – The project focuses on the clinical development of agonist IS-Abs targeting three complementary receptors on immune cells: CD40, OX40 and 4-1BB/CD137.

  • Prof. Katalin Karikó joins BioNTech group

    Prof. Katalin Karikó takes the lead of the mRNA-based protein replacement program for BioNTech RNA Pharmaceuticals GmbH.

  • Entry into clinical study IVAC (Individualized Vaccine against Cancer)

    Entry into clinical study IVAC (Individualized Vaccine against Cancer)

  • Rebranding of BioNTech´s subsidiaries to group them under one strategic roof

    Ribological GmbH becomes BioNTech RNA Pharmaceuticals GmbH UniCell GmbH becomes BioNTech Cell & Gene Therapies GmbH Tulip GmbH becomes BioNTech Protein Therapeutics GmbH TheraCode GmbH becomes BioNTech Diagnostics GmbH

  • Dr. Sierk Poetting joins BioNTech group

    Dr. Sierk Poetting joins the management team of BioNTech AG as CFO.

  • BioNTech opens new research headquarters in Mainz

    The new facility brings together 400 employees and is located in close proximity to academic institutions, hospitals and cancer research institutions.

  • NATURE Publication: Breakthrough Development in Cancer Immunology

    BioNTech and partners publish a ground-breaking paper which shows an important scientific foundation for the clinical development of truly personalized yet broadly applicable cancer treatment for any patient.

  • BioNTech and Eli Lilly announce research collaboration

    BioNTech Cell & Gene Therapy and Eli Lilly & Company announce a licensing agreement on novel tumor targets and corresponding T-cell receptors.

  • BioNTech and Genmab sign co-development and commercialization agreement in immuno-oncology

    BioNTech and Genmab announce a co-development and commercialization agreement on bispecific antibodies.

  • BioNTech launches MammaTyper® Breast Cancer Diagnostic

    BioNTech Diagnostics launches MammaTyper®, a CE-IVD marked molecular diagnostic test to stratify breast cancer patients by molecular subtyping of routine tumor tissue.

  • Siemens and BioNTech cooperate on production of personalized cancer vaccines

    BioNTech RNA Pharmaceuticals and Siemens announce the construction of a fully automated, paperless and digitalized commercial cGMP-Production site for individualized vaccines to optimize manufacturing process.

  • Grant awarded by the European Commission – EAVI2020

    The European AIDS Vaccine Initiative (EAVI2020) wins the 23 million euro EU-grant for the development of an efficient HIV vaccine. BioNTech RNA Pharmaceuticals is part of the consortium.

  • Sanofi and BioNTech sign cancer immunotherapy collaboration and license agreement

    BioNTech RNA Pharmaceuticals and Sanofi announce a licensing, co-development and co-commercialization agreement for mRNA cancer immunotherapies.

  • BioNTech and Shuwen partnership to commercialize MammaTyper® in China

    BioNTech Diagnostics and Shuwen announce a partnership. Shuwen undertakes clinical studies for regulatory approval of MammaTyper® in China, and becomes the exclusive distributor in China.

  • BioNTech acquires operations of 4SC Discovery division

    BioNTech announces acquisition of 4SC Discovery division. The operations of 4SC Discovery GmbH are transfered into newly incorporated BioNTech Small Molecules GmbH.

  • Nature publication describes first example of a clinically applicable and systemic mRNA cancer immunotherapy vaccine

    BioNTech publishes in Nature the first example worldwide of a clinically relevant and systemic mRNA cancer immunotherapy.

  • Bayer and BioNTech Join Forces to Develop mRNA Therapeutics for Animal Health Applications

    Bayer and BioNTech have entered into an agreement to develop novel, first-in-class mRNA vaccines and therapeutics specifically for Animal Health applications.

  • BioNTech receives Emerging Star Award

    BioNTech receives Emerging Star Award at the European Mediscience Awards 2016 in London.

  • Study confirms advantages of MammaTyper® over immunohistochemistry

    New study data prove the significant advantages of MammaTyper® over the currently established methods of detection used in breast cancer subtyping.

  • BioNTech to enter into worldwide strategic collaboration with Genentech

    The collaboration will develop individualized mRNA cancer therapies and combine Genentech’s leading cancer immunotherapy portfolio with BioNTech’s proprietary mRNA cancer vaccine technology platform.

  • BioNTech joins the Collaboration on Cancer Neoantigens

    The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy and the Cancer Research Institute (CRI) launched a major collaboration focused on neoantigens. The Tumor neoantigEn SeLection Alliance (TESLA), includes 30 of the world’s leading cancer neoantigen research groups from both academia and industry.

  • BioNTech publishes in Nature Medicine

    BioNTech presents the application of this technology for mRNA-based in vivo delivery of T cell engaging bispecific antibodies in Nature Medicine.

  • BioNTech reports favorable clinical trial results IVAC MUTANOME in Nature

    First-ever clinical study demonstrates personalized RNA-based vaccine using mutant neo-epitopes as antigens activates immune system against individual mutations and exerts anti-cancer activity.

  • EUFETS wird zu BioNTech Innovative Manufacturing Services

    BioNTechs Produktionstochter EUFETS GmbH wird in BioNTech Innovative Manufacturing Services GmbH umbenannt.

  • BioNTech Secures USD 270 Million in Series A Financing

    The Series A round was led by the Redmile Group and joined by Janus Henderson Investors, Invus, Fidelity Management & Research Company and several European family offices.

  • Özlem Türeci, PhD, M.D. becomes Chief Medical Officer

    Özlem Türeci, PhD, M.D. is appointed as Chief Medical Officer of BioNTech effective June 1, 2018.