Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights play a critical role in driving innovation and protecting advancements and value in various technology sectors.

By broadly protecting our technology platforms and seeking strategic licensing opportunities we have generated a strong and diverse patent portfolio. BioNTech has steadily expanded its initial portfolio of pioneering patents. At present, the Company controls more than 130 patent families comprising more than 1,000 patent applications (plus additional exclusive license rights and call options) which cover core technologies, key product candidates and ancillary inventions.

BioNTech’s inventions are protected against infringement in major developed nations of the world. Almost all of our patent applications are filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and are or will be nationalized in Australia, Canada, major European countries, Japan and in the United States of America.

BioNTech RNA Pharmaceuticals GmbH is pioneer in the field of mRNA-based therapeutics and one of the market leaders in the sector of personalized cancer immunotherapy. The mRNA space is therefore of paramount importance for the future business of BioNTech and approximately half of the Company’s patent filings relate to different aspects of mRNA technology.

BioNTech’s intellectual property strategy includes licensing from third parties, where necessary, in order to complement our patent portfolio or achieve market exclusivity. We hold worldwide, exclusive licenses for a broad range of tumor-cell-specific oncology targets related to cancer diagnostics and therapies. Further key licenses relate to structural modifications of mRNA molecules.

Patent families owned by the BioNTech company group (2009 –2015)

BioNTech Patent Families