Our Vision & Strategy

Our Vision:

BioNTech’s vision is to become the leading global biotechnology company providing individualized treatments for cancer patients and improved therapeutics to treat infectious and rare diseases.

Our Strategy:

We aim to build and leverage the building blocks of immunotherapy:

  • Our technology platforms and clinical pipeline are based on 20 years of research and development expertise.
  • Fully integrated biotech company spanning research through clinical development and manufacturing to sales and marketing.
  • Unique go-to-market strategy, entering differentiated licensing, co-development and co-commercialization agreements, making BioNTech an equal development partner.

BioNTech’s product-to-market offering of truly individualized cancer treatments will be realized through its differentiated technology platforms.

Lead program: iNeST (Individualized NeoAntigen Specific Immunotherapy) targets cancer mutations or “neoantigens” and could therefore be universally applicable across cancer types.

As a research-driven biotechnology company, our goal is to achieve both scientific and commercial success. In our efforts to achieve this, full legal compliance and a strong sense of ethical responsibility enforce everything we do. Operating with integrity is non-negotiable for BioNTech. This understanding is anchored in our Code of Conduct.

Our corporate values represent what we consider to be important and what we would like to stand for as a company. They serve as a practical orientation and shape our corporate identity.

BioNTech stands for visionary thinking and pioneering spirit – with our work we want to revolutionize cancer immunotherapy.

Innovation and innovative thinking in all areas of work therefore are the cornerstones of our success.

Passion and enthusiasm guide our daily work and everything we do.

Unidarity* is the basis to achieve our ambitious goals successfully, together – with our employees as well as in interactions with our partners.

* Unidarity is a neologism derived from unity and solidarity.