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Be unique. Be BioNTech 

We are revolutionizing cancer medicine. Join us and be a part of our unique pioneering spirit

BioNTech was founded in 2008 on the understanding that every cancer patient’s tumor is unique and therefore each patient’s treatment should be individualized. To translate this idea into reality, we have combined ground-breaking research with cutting-edge technologies to develop pioneering therapeutics for cancer and beyond.

At BioNTech, we value fostering a healthy work culture that motivates our employees. Our company embraces a flat hierarchy in which we address each other by first name, regardless of seniority. We do not adhere to a dress code unless, of course, we find ourselves in the lab. Although we are tasked with the serious mission of advancing individualized cancer care for patients, we believe in having fun while creating quality work, and enjoy taking time together to re-energize. We engage in a healthy work-life balance and leave the office feeling accomplished; some choosing to cycle home with company-provided bikes. We are an innovative company with a fresh spirit coming together from all walks of life to roll up our sleeves in the face of a shared mission and purpose.

Our scientific DNA, which is the foundation of the BioNTech approach, has attracted a talented team from nearly 50 countries around the world and we are always looking for dedicated and curious individuals to join our team of visionaries, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers and business professionals.

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Whether you are looking for a new challenge, your first job or an internship, we are looking forward to getting to know you:

Revolutionizing cancer therapy – BioNTech for Professionals

Since its inception in 2008, BioNTech is rapidly growing on its way to developing novel, individualized immunotherapies that will revolutionize the treatment paradigm for cancer patients worldwide. We are always looking for new talents that support us in a broad range of tasks.

R&D – The beating heart of BioNTech

BioNTech’s growing versatile pipeline needs experts in several different scientific fields, from mRNA over antibodies to small molecules. Our research focuses primarily on cancer but extends also to other areas such as infectious diseases, allergies and autoimmune disorders. If you want to be part of our dedicated team of excellent scientists using cutting-edge technologies to find a lasting cure for cancer, have a look at our Job Portal.

Manufacturing – Enabling our individualized cancer therapies

Next to R&D, we are also expanding our manufacturing facilities – aiming to improve production time and costs to provide truly individualized therapeutics to patients worldwide on short notice. Besides our locations in Idar-Oberstein and Mainz, where we are setting up a fully automated production plant for individualized cancer vaccines, BioNTech is now establishing a new facility in San Diego, USA. Ready to face these challenges and contribute to make a change in the treatment for patients who need it the most? Have a look at our Job Portal.

Head Office Department – The connecting link

A functioning whole comprises more than simply research and production – our Head Office Departments create the connection between the two. This includes departments such as Project and Quality Management, Finance, IT, HR, Purchasing, Business Development, and Clinical Trial Management, where we regularly seek motivated team players who take care of the important tasks behind the scenes. Are you ready to make a revolution in the treatment paradigm for cancer patients possible? See on our Job Portal for exciting opportunities.

Be inspired – BioNTech for College Students

Looking to explore interesting opportunities in the life science sector? Get first-hand insights at BioNTech, a company dedicated to developing revolutionary, individualized cancer therapeutics!

We offer various options for motivated students to contribute in our exciting quest to fight cancer – from internships over temporary to student employee positions. We also welcome applications for Bachelor/Master/PhD thesis projects that fit within our scientific focus.

We offer an attractive company benefits package including thirty fitness courses and more!

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Future – BioNTech for High School students

With a team of over 1,000 dedicated people, BioNTech is pioneering the development of individualized cancer immunotherapies and revolutionize the treatment of patients worldwide. Join the team and become a pioneer yourself – with BioNTech as a strong partner in your future career!

At BioNTech, you can choose between a variety of training programs – from Biology Laboratory assistant to IT Specialist in System Integration. At our company, we value flat hierarchies and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. For your way to work, you have the option of using a job ticket (Mainz/Wiesbaden region or RNN region) or a student ticket for Hessen (annual ticket for trainees). The remuneration is in line with current standard training rates. Our training programs are done in collaboration with Provadis and the Hochschule Fresenius.

Interested in joining us?

Our people are important to us, that is why we offer a range of company benefits to our employees including:

For more information on current open positions or BioNTech as an employer please contact:

United, passionate & innovative

Interested in joining us?

A diverse team, rooted in Germany with a global view and reach

BioNTech was founded in Mainz, Germany and we are rooted in Germany with a global view. Since 2008 we have expanded our facilities to include sites in Mainz, Idar-Oberstein, Berlin, Martinsried and Neuried (Munich) and San Diego. Each of our sites brings a specific set of expertise and experience to our diverse team of over 1,000 employees. Find out more about our sites and the cities they are located in below.

BioNTech's headquarters are located in Mainz. It is home also to several R&D and GMP-certified production sites for clinical products, including the iNeST® cancer vaccine. The capital of Rhineland-Palatine, Mainz is located along the beautiful Rhine River. The old town and promenade invite you to take a stroll or relax by the river. Mainz and the neighboring Rhine-Hesse area encompass Germany’s largest wine-growing region, making the city an official member of the "Great Wine Capitals" group. Whether at a Saturday market, in a wine tavern, or by the Rhine, enjoying a wine spritzer is a must for the people of Mainz. The city offers a rich historical and cultural scene - from St Stephen's Cathedral to the Gutenberg and Roman-Germanic Museums to the State Theatre and the Kammerspiele. Mainz is one of the carnival strongholds of Germany, where the typical "Weck, Worscht un Woi" meal (bread rolls, sausage and wine), is consumed long after the festivities are over. For football fans, Mainz 05 is the team to support during the suspenseful Bundesliga and derby games.

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BioNTech Innovative Manufacturing Services (IMFS) GmbH is based in Idar-Oberstein near Mainz, where retroviral vectors, cell therapies and mRNA products are produced. The town of Idar-Oberstein is known throughout Germany as a gemstone town featuring goldsmiths and museums. Idar-Oberstein is located near the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park, which is rich in premium hiking and cycling trails. One of the town’s most popular sights is the medieval rock church (“Felsenkirche”), which towers over Idar-Oberstein at an exposed location. In the surrounding castles and palaces, as well as the Celtic settlement of Altburg, you can re-trace the footsteps of your ancestors. Idar-Oberstein offers a range of high-quality cultural events throughout the year such as the Jazz Days, the Theatersommer, and the "Movies in Theatre" initiative.

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BioNTech Small Molecules GmbH is located in Martinsried, just outside of Munich. It offers fully-integrated research services that cover all aspects of small molecule drug discovery. The MAB Discovery antibody facility, which was acquired in 2019, is located nearby in Munich-Neuried. The Munich area is Germany’s leading biotechnology location with about 250 life science companies, two elite universities, prestigious scientific institutes, and two innovation- and start up-centres specialized in biotechnology. Munich is the capital of Bavaria, and a global centre for arts, science, technology, business and education. The English Garden in the city center as well as the easily-accessible Alps offer countless outdoor activities from hiking to surfing on the Isar River. Munich is home to “Oktoberfest,” where visitors from all over the world and locals meet to enjoy a “Maß” of the renowned local beers alongside hearty Bavarian meals – a typical example of the Bavarian spirit of “Gemütlichkeit” (coziness).

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BioNTech’s peptide manufacturing facility, JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH, located in Berlin, focuses on the development of novel individualized therapeutic approaches and epitope-resolved clinical immune monitoring. Berlin is one of the largest regions for science in Europe and has the highest concentration of researchers and academics per capita in Germany with over 70 non-university research institutions, two elite universities, and over 250 biotech and pharma companies. Berlin is known as “the startup city” due to its tightly woven network of academia, industry and the strong presence of incubators and accelerators. The city’s global business environment is mirrored in its cosmopolitan and open-minded atmosphere. It is no surprise that over than 13.5 million people visit Berlin per year to admire its rich history and modern-day attractions. Whether taking a boat-tour on the Spree or wandering around the former Berlin Wall, this multicultural city has something to offer for people from all walks of life.

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BioNTech’s American research facility will be based in San Diego, California, creating an American base for clinical trials and investigational treatments. Sunny San Diego is one of the biggest bio clusters in the United States and houses over 400 biotechnology companies in its immediate vicinity. In 2020, it will host the annual Bio International Convention, a true testament to the importance of the city in science and research on an international scale. San Diego is located on the Pacific Coast and boasts beautiful landscapes and wildlife, a lively arts and culture scene, charming neighborhoods and renowned educational institutions. With its prime location, and vibrant personality, it’s no wonder San Diego is commonly referred to as “America’s Finest City.” This city truly has something to explore for everyone; from science to surfing to the yearly Comic-Con.

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