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We aim to discover and develop the next generation of small molecule immunomodulatory compounds to improve the standard of care

Small molecule cancer therapeutics can be used to regulate cancer growth, halt blood vessel formation in tumors, deliver toxins to cancer cells and mark cancer cells for destruction by the immune system. Unlike larger antibody-based cancer therapies, small molecule compounds are often developed for targets located within cells since they can enter the cells more easily as a result of their physical properties and low molecular weight. Small molecules also often have other intrinsic benefits including relative ease and cost of production compared to larger compounds, as well as more frequently having the potential for oral administration to patients. They can also often be used synergistically in combination with other therapeutics such as mRNA, checkpoint inhibitors, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

The benefits of small molecule immunomodulators

small molecule immunomodulators
Our immunomodulatory small molecule product class focuses on a range of endosomal and intracellular targets that are known to stimulate the activity of a wide range of immune cells. We have a particular emphasis on Toll-Like Receptors (TLRs). TLRs are a family of pattern recognition receptors that function as primary sensors of the innate immune system to recognize pathogens. We believe TLRs represent a promising target class for cancer immunotherapy, particularly for inflammatory re-programming of the tumor microenvironment.

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