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Making individualized cancer therapies a reality

Our mission is to develop the next generation of immunotherapies to improve clinical outcomes for patients and usher in a new era of individualized medicine

From ideas, to solutions, to individualized therapies for patients - At BioNTech, our energy to activate, generate and produce stems from our commitment to patients. Our focus remains centered on exploring all avenues of innovation, guided by our mission to make a tangible impact in the lives of individuals battling challenging diseases.

Our focus is patients

We believe the next generation of cancer immunotherapy will start from the perspective of the molecular changes in each individual patient to provide a specific therapy for that patient.

Our goal is to drive the transformation of cancer medicine to more individualized therapies for patients globally

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Patient resources

Our patient resources provide additional information and contact information to patient advocacy groups.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials

For more information on our ongoing clinical trials please refer to or the following link.

If you are a patient, for any further questions contact us at: 

+49 6131 9084-1919

Patient resources

The following organizations offer resources and information to help navigate the complex therapeutic landscape


If you are a healthcare professional looking for more information, please contact

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