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From the beginning, our goal was to establish a different model to our partnerships. We have signed seven collaboration agreements with high-profile biopharmaceutical partners, several of which are joint development deals that enable us to retain significant control of our development programs as well as participate in the future of these products. Our goal is to maximize the potential of our platforms and pipeline and leverage the broad applicability of our mRNA drug class in additional therapeutic areas beyond cancer.

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Industry Partners


Strategic collaboration to develop and commercialize novel mRNA-based, individualized cancer vaccines


Licensing agreement on novel tumor targets and corresponding T cell receptors


Licensing, co-development and co-commercialization agreement for mRNA cancer immunotherapies

Genmab und Bio

Co-development and commercialization agreement on bispecific antibodies


Development of novel, first-in-class mRNA vaccines and therapeutics specifically for animal health applications

Collaboration agreement to develop mRNA‐based vaccines for prevention of influenza

Strategic partnership for the development of  mRNA-based therapeutics in rare diseases

BioNTech has an ongoing strategic partnership with Siemens to construct a fully automated, paperless and digitalized commercial cGMP-production site for individualized vaccines.

Academic Partners

Nonprofit Partners


TRON is a biopharmaceutical research organization that pursues the development of new diagnostics and drugs or the treatment of cancer and other severe diseases.


CI3 is a scientific, clinical and regulatory network of over 500 scientists to advance “new to the world” immunotherapies.

BioNTech is an industry partner of the DZIF (German Center for Infection Research) which aims to bridge the gaps between the discovery of new treatment approaches, preclinical development and clinical testing.

BioNTech is part of the Tumor Neoantigen Selection Alliance, launched by the non-profit organization Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy which brings together the world’s best in academia, non-profits, pharma and biotech to collaborate on treating the deadliest cancers.

BioNTech collaborates with a large number of universities and medical centers in Europe and the U.S. to conduct its ongoing clinical studies.