Peptide Technologies

Innovations for immune therapy development, biomarker discovery and proteomics

JPT’s proprietary technologies and corresponding product portfolio help to advance research efforts in the development of new immunotherapies and vaccine strategies against infectious and autoimmune diseases as well as allergies and cancer. Our high-quality peptide libraries, peptide arrays, peptide pools and GxP peptides enable the development of novel individualized therapeutic approaches, as well as epitope-resolved clinical immune monitoring. For the first time, deep epitope-based analysis and correlation of the cellular and humoral immune responses of diverse patient populations is feasible. This provides a basis for stratifying patient groups and developing novel immune diagnostics and therapeutic approaches. In a similar way, JPT’s peptide-based platforms permit the discovery and qualification of B- and T-cell epitopes, neoepitopes as well as the absolute and multiplexed quantitation of protein expression levels targeting entire proteomes.

JPT’s Core Technologies

JPT’s Services

  • Assembly of high-content peptide libraries & peptide arrays
  • Specialty peptide & large-scale synthesis
  • Neo-epitope collections at fast turnaround
  • Antigen-spanning peptide pools for immune monitoring
  • Isotope labeled peptide standards for proteomics
  • GxP synthesis of peptides and peptide pools for cellular therapy
  • Serological profiling using biological & clinical samples
  • Profiling of enzymatic activities from biological samples

JPT’s Catalog Products

  • PepMix™ peptide pools covering hundreds of antigens
  • RepliTope™ arrays from dozens of pathogens and Tumor Associated Antigens (TAAs)
  • Enzyme substrate sets and microarrays (Kinase, Acetyltransferase and more)
  • Histone code peptide sets and microarrays
  • SpikeTides™ Sets & SpikeMix™ peptide standards for proteomics
  • T cell assay controls and standards
  • Individual peptides for research and development

R&D Collaborations

  • Development of affinity ligands for therapeutic protein purification
  • Enzyme substrate discovery and qualification
  • Development of peptide kits for multiplexed biomarker quantification
  • Peptide lead identification & optimization

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