Small Molecules

Small molecule research from hit finding to preclinical development

BioNTech Small Molecule´s research activities are focused on discovering innovative therapies for cancer indications, with a special interest in immuno-oncology. Several of these small molecule drug candidates have successfully reached preclinical and clinical stages. Our research service offering covers major scientific aspects of drug discovery: computational chemistry, medicinal and analytical chemistry. As part of integrated drug discovery services, we also provide formulation development, pharmacokinetic and toxicological experiments. A close network of collaborating biologists and pharmacologists has been established.

Through our numerous research collaborations, our scientists have additionally acquired a strong expertise in hit identification and characterization of development candidates for customer orientated research programs across a multitude oftherapeutic areas and target classes (proteases, kinases, phosphatases, GPCRs, ion channels, etc.). Efficient data management, strong collaboration between experts from different fields, anddedicated project management result in fast and effective advancement of our internal and partnered projects.

Our Vision is…
… to use our platform for fast and efficient supply of small molecule agents for our development pipeline.
… to make our platform the priority research engine for our customers.