Engineered Cell Therapies

We aim to re-invent engineered cell therapies to broaden the universe of patients benefiting from the powerful potential

The tailored reprogramming of autologous T cells from cancer patients to recognize and attack their tumors has become a disruptive medical innovation. Retargeting of T cells can be achieved via introduction of tumor-specific receptors into patient-derived T cells. For that purpose, T cells are mostly engineered to express either T cell receptors, or TCRs, or chimeric antigen receptors, or CARs. Recently, CAR expressing T cells, or CAR T cells, became the first engineered T cell therapy to obtain FDA approval for some B cell derived hematological malignancies.

While CAR T therapy has shown potent anti-tumor responses in patients with B cell malignancies, clinical efficacy in solid tumors so far is limited. The main hurdles for application of CAR T therapies in solid tumors are:

  • Lack of highly tumor selective targets, which are needed for safe and effective tumor targeting
  • Low anti-tumoral activity due to insufficient expansion of engineered T cells

We are developing the next generation of engineered T cell therapies that:

  • Target novel and known tumor-specific antigens, including mutant neoantigens, and a broad spectrum of tumor-associated antigens expressed in a wide range of cancers
  • Leverage our proprietary FixVac technology for controlled and safe in vivo stimulation, activation and expansion of engineered T cells