Protein Therapeutics

Innovative polypeptide drugs engineered from naturally occurring domains and scaffolds

BioNTech Protein Therapeutics GmbH has two key protein therapy platforms: bispecific antibodies and nanoparticles. Bispecific antibody therapies make available novel biology when they bind to two different target proteins in the human body and also offer the ability to combine strategies when blocking different immunomodulatory proteins.

Our nanoparticles include our Microbody®-Technology that has antibody-like binding capabilities with fewer of the constraints related to very large biologic molecules. We also developed the SAPHIR®-Platform, highly immunogenic self-assembling nanoparticles that can induce a very specific and potent human immune response for use in cancer and vaccines.

Protein Therapeutics Platforms

  • Bispecific Antibodies
    • Superior efficacy to conventional antibodies
    • Retargeting of cytotoxic T cells to kill tumor cells
    • Versatile platform technology to match diverse requirements

  • Microbody® Technology
    • Scaffold-based binding proteins based on knottins
    • Phage display based discovery platform
    • Highly cost-effective production (using solid-phase peptide synthesis)
    • Enhanced tumor penetration due to small size
    • In vivo tumor imaging and targeted drug delivery
    • Application in therapeutics and diagnostics field

    • Highly immunogenic, self-assembling nanoparticles
    • Induction of very potent and specific antibody and cellular immune responses
    • Cost-effective to manufacture and stable at room temperature